Getting In

Places to get your shit seen and reviewed and hopefully make some money:

  • InkTip – a hangout for low budget and indie producers
  • ISA – another hangout for low budget and indie producers
  • The Black List – a bit expensive, but if you’re really good you might get lucky
  • Coverfly X – free peer-to-peer writing notes exchange
  • Roadmap Writers – online workshops

Start networking:

The Advanced Shit:

  • IMDB Pro – access contact information for agents and reps (DO NOT use this to contact producers and talent directly, you need representation first)
  • Writer’s Guild of America West – they’ll call you when you’re ready

Expect that learning to write screenplays is a long process. Don’t try to contact agents and managers five minutes after you finished the first draft of your first short.

Editing and revision are a big part of the process. Connect with other emerging screenwriters and swap scripts to give each other notes. Don’t be afraid to get a second opinion if something doesn’t sound right in a note.

Generally, you want to have at least two or three finished peer-reviewed screenplays before you approach anyone to seek representation. Five is better.

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